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Success is a team sport. And leadership is partnership.


Interview with Jim Bagnola

International Speaker and Executive Coach 


7. What is your opinion about the dynamic, future of co-working spaces, where different companies and industries are blending?


This can only lead to greater creativity and innovation.  The more perspectives the better the decision and result. Your greatest source of information may be your competitor. Even competitors can partner.

8. How do you see the evolution of benefits offered by companies, what are the important, relevant and valuable ones for employees?

For Millennials and Z generation it is Time...time off.  It is time to serve in the volunteer organization of my choice.  Is this organization socially responsible?  Time off for new mothers and fathers.  Health support.  Exercise facilities to health care.  Most of, as a Harvard team calls it: ”a Deliberately Developmental Organization” will offer meditation for its employees. (Dr. Oz, Oprah organizations, Bridgwater, Honeywell). Organizations will be the source of individual growth and development.


Nora Dobre,

Ambasador @GreatHRs




2. What do you think about the relation on technology and human resources?

Humans can create sophisticated algorithms that can help us with problem solving and decision
making. I refer you to the work by Ray Dalio and Bridgewater Associates in the book principles.
They have proven that technology plus creative human intelligence creates better decision


3. What skills would you name as being top 5, relevant in the transformation of industries?

Listening (to associates/customers/clients) Empathy, Influence, and the big three you can go far with Flexibility, Adaptability, and Resiliency and lucky number seven: innovative. Easier to make something better than make something up.

4. What is your advice for new leaders?

You are not a mind reader you must get regular feedback from associates, customers and direct reports. Adjust and Adapt where you can, based on the feedback. Be the sovereign of your ego.  Humble leaders are more profitable and proficient in the long run. You cannot succeed alone. Success is a team sport.

5. What is coaching these days?

This is a thoughtful conversation between two people. Everyone needs a coach. It can be between supervisor and direct report, between associate and associate between those in any relationship.  Use both individuals’ brains, experience and knowledge. This creates a magic that cannot exist when using one brain. It is a spontaneous process where we let go of expectations.

6.  How do you see the future of hierarchy topic within larger organizations?

Someone must be managing.  Everyone must be leading. In the coming years Millennials and the Z generation will be the majority of the workforce.  They are allergic to hierarchy as am I.  They favor partnership. The manager must have the skills to create partnership not authority. Leadership is partnership.

1. What is your definition of human resources, within the 4th industrial revolution?

The definition of the human resource in this evolution/revolution is what AI Artificial
intelligence will not offer us. Human resource versus AI will foster Intuition (beyond
intelligence), relationship building Emotional/Social intelligence, creativity
(transcendental/creative intelligence), ethical intelligence (choosing right from wrong) and
Collective Intelligence (Love/caring). AI cannot utilize these skills.

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