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We would like to remind you that if you reached this page, it means that you have received an exclusive, free invitation to this regional event and you can reserve one of the single or double seats exclusively for participants in the coordination roles of an HR or business teams, who represent top organizations in Romania.


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We received the honnor of taking care of the exclusive and very limited number of invitations to this event from our partners, SAP Romania, who are organizing it.

So, if this page is still active, it means that you can book 1 more single or double place (for 2 people).

The event takes place at Restaurant Diplomat (Bucharest) on November 17th, from 10:00-16:30.


To make a reservation, please fill out the form below. After your registration, you will be redirected to the page on our partners' website, where, for GDPR reasons, you will also have to fill in a short form there. You will also receive an email confirming your registration on the list immediately afterwards.


Seats will be reserved in order of registration.

About the event:

Message from SAP Romania:

We are delighted to welcome you to a special day dedicated to HR challenges, innovations and networking with your peers in Bucharest


Join us live to:

1. Reinvent your HR during times with cost pressure and a highly challenging HR Pool

2. Explore the importance of an ideal workplace for Gen Z and beyond and its impact on HR’s success

3. Listen to individual HR project stories from interesting companies and partners

4. Get an insight into the inovative partnerships SAP has with diefferent start-ups like Jobful  


Register soon to get one of the very limited seats!

After your registration you will be redirected to the page of the organizers, that has all the details of the event.

If yu need to talk to someone from our team, you can contact us on Whatsapp or Telegram at:


registry form for the event

reserve your exclusive seat now!


the speakers

Alexandra Sucioaia.png
  • LinkedIn

Alexandra Sucioaia

Group Head of Talent Development


Liubita Barzin.png
  • LinkedIn

Liubita Barzin

HR Manager

BBraun Group

Rodica Obancea Master Certified Coach.png
  • LinkedIn
logo rodica obancea patrat.png

Rodica Obancea

Master Certified Coach

Dumitru Croitori Manager, SAP HR Technology Consulting PwC Romania.png
  • LinkedIn
pwc logo.png

Dumitru Croitori

SAP HR Technology Consulting

PwC Romania

Florian Hertlein Senior Solution Manager - HXM Business Development MEE SAP.png
  • LinkedIn
logo patrat sap.png

Florian Hertlein

Senior Solution Manager - HXM Business Development MEE SAP

Radu Badiceanu.png
  • LinkedIn
pwc logo.png

Radu Badiceanu


PwC Romania

Andreas Enneking HR Executive Advisor MEE SAP.png
  • LinkedIn
logo patrat sap.png

Andreas Enneking

HR Executive Advisor MEE 


Alessandro Pirina Enterprise Account Director Qualtrics.png
  • LinkedIn

Alessandro Pirina

Enterprise Account Director


Nataša Rajevac Senior Solution Advisor SAP.png
  • LinkedIn
logo patrat sap.png

Nataša Rajevac

Senior Solution Advisor


Michael Brass Senior Solution & Value Advisor Expert HXM SAP.png
  • LinkedIn
logo patrat sap.png

Michael Brass

Senior Solution & Value Advisor Expert HXM SAP

Sabrina Dick.png
  • LinkedIn
logo patrat sap.png

Sabrina Dick

Human Resources Director CEE


Ioana Boghenco General Manager INTERBRANDS ORBICO.png
  • LinkedIn

Ioana Boghenco

General Manager


Mihaela Berechet Head of Human Resource MassMutual Romania.png
  • LinkedIn
mass mutual logo.png

Mihaela Berechet

Head of Human Resources

MassMutual Romania

Mihai Cepoi Founder & CEO Jobful.png
  • LinkedIn
jobful logo.png

Mihai Cepoi

Founder & CEO Jobful

Vei avea alături participanți din companii de peste 200 de angajați, exclusiv cu roluri de coordonare din: HR, Finance, Operations, Procurement și Top Management

reserve your exclusive seat now!

the agenda

10:00 | Check-In

Good morning!

We’re thrilled to welcoming you to Bucharest and hope you’ve had safe travels, commute. We will be happy to hand out your badge for the day and guide your way through the location to grab the first or second coffee of the day. Lay back a couple of minutes until all guests have arrived and we can kick off our exciting agenda.

10:30 | Opening & Welcome

Diana David, Managing Director SAP Romania, together with Irina Scortea Tache, SAP Success Factors Stratigic Lead CEE, will host the official morning welcome and set the tone for an exciting and successful exchange around the most urgent HR challenges in Eastern Europe. 

10:45 | Panel Talk - Reinventing HR while competing for talents and battling costs

We’ll kick it off with an interactive panel discussion around current market challenges. With a very diverse podium ranging from HR Managers to external HR experts we will hear not only trends but especially how organization are dealing with it. These smart and sometimes fast solutions that can be used as inspiration for your own company. All speakers can then be contacted during breaks for 1:1 Questions.  


Let’s welcome on stage:

Sabrina Dick, Human Resources Director SAP Central and Eastern Europe
Radu Badiceanu, Partner PwC Romania 
Andreas Enneking as our Host, SAP HR Executive Advisor for Middle and Eastern Europe

Lay back, enjoy and have an engaging whole audience discussion with the three on stage in the Q&A part.

11:15 | Orbico - Our strength is our employees

Now we will dive deep into Orbico transformation story and why employees represent a key element.

Ioana Boghenco, General Manager at Orbico, will share with the audience the topic of the absorption merger project through which Interbrands took over the local companies of the Romanian Group - Orbico SRL, Orbico Beauty SRL and Professional Brands Marketing & Distribution SRL. Following the merger at local level, Romania has become the largest and one of the most important markets in Orbico Group and it is very interesting that Orbico acknowledges that employees are one of the main company’s strengths.

11:45 | Great HR - Human Capital Trends in the Market

„We are not in the same boat but we are all in the same storm” join Rodica Obancea, Master Certified Coach, Alexandra Sucioaia, Group Head of Talent Development at Superbet, and Mihaela Berechet, Head of Human Resource at MassMutual Romania, for a conversation about key human capital trends in local market with an organizational coach and two seasoned HR professionals. We will explore trends, also their impact within organization, key facts and figures.

12:15 | Lunch Break

Food for thought – Check ☑️

How about a real and delicious food now? One of the essential elements of our event should be the personal exchange after the many months of remote-based work: let the content sink in, exchange ideas with your peers, speakers and partners and of course enjoy your lunch!

13:15 | Escape Room Game

Surely you have already heard about the so-called Escape room games. Teamwork, cooperation in solving tasks and an engaging resolution - all this awaits you in our special escape game that will guide you through the secrets of the SAP Success Factor Solution.

SuccessFactors virtual Escape Room

13:35 | Peer Sharing

Hope you’ve enjoyed some good lunch pieces, had some nice conversations, made new contacts, and have recharged batteries for the afternoon track.

Yes, we’re hosting this event and love to speak about how our solutions can act as enabler of your digital HR journey. Nevertheless, we think sometimes it is more beneficial for you as current or future customer how others have mastered their transformational endeavor firsthand. Therefore, we’ll set up two 30 minutes open exchange sessions in a World Cafe format in which customers and implementation partners will speak about their challenges and how they solved them leveraging digital HR capabilities. 

World Cafè 1: Liubita Barzin (BBraun) and Dumitru Croitori (PwC) - Transition to Global: A Local Perspective
World Cafè 2: Alessandro Pirina (Qualtrics)

14:35 | Expert Session - How to move on with Core HR, Time and Payroll in the Cloud

As the world and our IT landscapes are not that simple as it often looks on Powerpoint and some of you already came down a long road running SAP HCM Software asking yourselve now whats next, we’re happy to have Michael Brass, with us to guide us through the world of the different evolutional pathways on our journey into the HR cloud.

"How to move on with Core HR, Time and Payroll in the Cloud"

15:15 | Coffee Break

Now that was a lot of input. We hope this was engaging and you’ve took at least one learning piece with you. It's time to relax a bit and look forward to the next topic on our agenda over a cup of coffee and if you have broader questions – the SAP experts are here for you.

15:30 | My Ideal Workplace

Not only after Covid pushed us into our home office a hyperpersonalized end user experience is key to drive employee engagement and to deliver the workspace of today and tomorrow for Gen Z and beyond. In addition, we need to take underrepresented group of our Workforce into the spotlight which in most of the cases did not have any access to HR or employment related services, information – The deskless folks running our production sites, assembly lines or maintenance tasks on the road.


Let’s take a deeper look how technology these days can deliver inclusive services across departments, application domains and processes. Natasa Rajevac and Florian Hertlein from SAP will guide us through the exciting universe of SAP SuccessFactors Workzone. No Worries that this is going to get boring – hands on first is the paradigm here.

16:00 | SAP.iO - Jobful

Created for conscious millennials and for companies who want out-of-the-box recruitment that actually improves the retention rate, Jobful is a gamified platform to engage talent and speed up the time to fill in recruiting. Both experiences, for candidates and recruiters, are created for high engagement and process optimization.

16:20 |Closing & Afterwork

Back in town we’ve spent and exciting day together and as we’re living in a true network economy these days personal interactions with interesting people is the cherry on the cake.

reserve your exclusive seat now!

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